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You all know the Laws so why not become a Referee?

As you may well be aware there is a shortage of referees at the moment, which is making it difficult to appoint match officials to all the teams who need them. So, if your playing days are coming to an end or you would like a change of direction why not try refereeing?

What are the benefits?
 Camaraderie
 Keeping Fit
 Stay involved with the Game
 Enjoyment
 Kit

How do I become a Referee?

 Having a look at the website is a great start https://www.madrefs.co.uk/

 Undertake the English Rugby Refereeing Award (ERRA) course which is spread over 8 months.
o A one-day course in October/November with 4 monthly webinars from January to April, then a further one day course in May/June.
o The local one-day courses are at Chester and at Sedgley Park in November.
o The course costs £75 and we shall reimburse you after you have refereed 10 games.
o After the first day you can get experience refereeing with the Society so that you will better understand and be able to interact more in the second part.
o The course is listed in the booklet on the English Rugby website
o Prior to booking and undertaking the course you will need to undertake and pass the online courses.

Use this Link to find a Course   Find a Course

 the Headcase course   Headcase

 the Laws quiz   Quiz

NOW Contact
Paul Houston
Hon Secretary
Manchester & District Referees' Society Ltd
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