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Cotton Traders Conference A

Competition Secretary: John Powell

Sponsored by: Cotton Traders
Cotton Traders
1Caldy 2nd XV109014262192079147
2Macclesfield 2nd XV10523302282207036
3Chester 2nd XV10505214230-165233
4Sedgley Park 2nd XV10406220222-26230
5Fylde Hawks (2nd XV)10424215185304126
6Preston Grasshoppers 2nd XV10109147386-2392419
Below is a listing of current concedes based upon data from GMS. However it MAY not be correct if a Team or Team(s) has already left the League. To find the complete picture please check here
Fylde Hawks (2nd XV)1
Saturday, 9 February 2019
Caldy 2nd XV3426Fylde Hawks (2nd XV)
Macclesfield 2nd XV2928Chester 2nd XV
Sedgley Park 2nd XV467Preston Grasshoppers 2nd XV
Saturday, 16 February 2019
Chester 2nd XV1726Caldy 2nd XV
Fylde Hawks (2nd XV)207Sedgley Park 2nd XV
Preston Grasshoppers 2nd XV1926Macclesfield 2nd XV
Saturday, 23 February 2019
Macclesfield 2nd XV2854Caldy 2nd XV
Preston Grasshoppers 2nd XV1150Fylde Hawks (2nd XV)
Sedgley Park 2nd XV734Chester 2nd XV
Saturday, 2 March 2019
Caldy 2nd XV4326Sedgley Park 2nd XV
Chester 2nd XV3332Preston Grasshoppers 2nd XV
Fylde Hawks (2nd XV)2222Macclesfield 2nd XV
Saturday, 9 March 2019
Chester 2nd XV2911Macclesfield 2nd XV
Fylde Hawks (2nd XV)2142Caldy 2nd XV
Preston Grasshoppers 2nd XV137Sedgley Park 2nd XV
Saturday, 23 March 2019
Caldy 2nd XV8710Chester 2nd XV
Macclesfield 2nd XV6910Preston Grasshoppers 2nd XV
Sedgley Park 2nd XV2821Fylde Hawks (2nd XV)
Saturday, 30 March 2019
Fylde Hawks (2nd XV)70Chester 2nd XV
Preston Grasshoppers 2nd XV3133Caldy 2nd XV
Sedgley Park 2nd XV3440Macclesfield 2nd XV
Saturday, 6 April 2019
Caldy 2nd XV5233Macclesfield 2nd XV
Chester 2nd XV531Sedgley Park 2nd XV
Saturday, 13 April 2019
Macclesfield 2nd XV2222Fylde Hawks (2nd XV)
Preston Grasshoppers 2nd XV058Chester 2nd XV
Sedgley Park 2nd XV2217Caldy 2nd XV
Friday, 19 April 2019
Fylde Hawks (2nd XV)2619Preston Grasshoppers 2nd XV
Saturday, 27 April 2019
Caldy 2nd XV385Preston Grasshoppers 2nd XV
Chester 2nd XVHome WalkoverFylde Hawks (2nd XV)
Macclesfield 2nd XV2212Sedgley Park 2nd XV
Caldy 2nd XV
Tom Mcmahon - Main Contact Contact
Mobile: 07480 356817
Tim Kilpatrick - Fixture Sec. Contact
Mobile: 07768 022412
Andrew Soutar - 2nds Contact Contact
Mobile: 07764 960410
Chester 2nd XV
Martin Christmas - Fixture Sec. Contact
Mobile: 07789 583602
Cecil Van Onselen - 2nds Contact Contact
Mobile: 07870 551962
Fylde Hawks (2nd XV)
Ian Pearson - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07443 563064
Patrick Townsend - Fixture Sec. Contact
Mobile: 07960 780621
Macclesfield 2nd XV
John Knight - Fixture Sec. Contact
Mobile: 01625 429795
Jim Curtis - 2nds Contact Contact
Mobile: 07909 901412
Sam Jones - Captain 
Mobile: 07757081990
Preston Grasshoppers 2nd XV
John Powell - Fixture Sec. Contact
Mobile: 07921 136629
Bill Kin - 2nds Contact Contact
Mobile: 07850 659191
Sedgley Park 2nd XV
Graham Smethurst - Fixture Sec. Contact
Mobile: 07736 565267