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Proposed Rule Changes

These will be discussed by all at appropriate times during the Agenda

Add to Rule 21 John P/FS

If a Double Header game is conceded, the offending team will have one concede put against their name and the other game will be put down as a 8 – 0 win to the non-conceding team.

Add to Rule 22 John P/FS

If a game is abandoned due to the conduct of players, that game will not be replayed whatever the timing of the abandonment. The score at the time of the abandonment will stand as a result, unless County Disciplinary advise otherwise.

Change to Rule 15 Chris F/FS

Should a team unable to field a front row win the match they will receive 2 POINTS MAXIMUM
Increase to 3 Points maximum.

Change to Rule 19 Concede by senior team Peter H/FS

When a senior team concedes a game, then the lower level team will be allowed to play but will only receive 2 points if they win (same as NFR win). The Senior side will be docked 5 points. No points will be deducted if it is the lowest team in that club that concedes

New CUP Rule Peter Harrison

No player can play in a lower teams' cup competition if they have played 50% or more of their games for a more senior side. The only exception to this is a front row player in order for the game to be played, but this player must be notified to the relevant League Manager before the game. Any Club falling foul of this rule will have all it's teams expelled from this and the following year's cup competitions.


Election of Committee members Fred S/JP

Nominate Chris Farmiloe

Nominate Paul Rhiordan as League Secretary

Change name/level of a League Fred S/JP

Propose to change the name of 3 North to 4 North