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Thanks very much for some of the feedback after the first draft of the Setup was sent out a number of weeks ago.


We have also had discussions with the ADM Combi Leagues teams and some of them have switched back into the Halbro Leagues.


We have now received the RFU Fixtures and Dates.


When looking closely at how we could link with these RFU Leagues it was obvious that we had to ensure that none of our Leagues were more than 12 teams in size and that we had to copy their Dates especially the Cup Dates which are now at the end of the season mainly in April.


We nave now finalised the SETUP for the Halbro Leagues and these can be seen on this Link FINAL SETUP 2022-2023


This link also gives you the Mileage and Dates.


At this stage we cannot now change the setup as it is and I am starting to devise the Fixtures from this setup. These Fixtures should be available by the end of next week.


Thanks for your patience and lets look forward to another good season.






PS If you are no longer the person involved with Fixtures, please pass the info on and ask them to let me know the new contact.