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NOWIRUL Shield - 2021/2022

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Round 1
Saturday, 25 September 2021
1Didsbury Toc H 3rd XVvBye
2Stockport 3rd XVvBye
3Northwich 3rd XVvBye
4Widnes 3rd XVvBye
5Hope ValleyvBye
6Marple 2nd XVvBye
7Congleton 2nd XVvBye
8Old Bedians 2nd XVvBye
9Macclesfield 4th XVvBye
10Bowdon 3rd XVvBye
11Bury 2nd XVvBye
12Burnage 3rd XVvBye
13Ashton-Under-Lyne 2nd XVvBye
14Glossop 3rd XVvBye
15Aspull 3rd XVvBye
16Southport 3rd XVvBye
17New Brighton 2nd XVvBye
18Ellesmere Port 2nd XVvBye
19Fleetwood 3rd XVvBye
20Bolton 3rd XVvBye
21Winnington Park 3rd XVvBye
22Preston Grasshoppers 6th XVvBye
23Preston Grasshoppers 5th XVvBye
24Vale of Lune 3rd XVvBye
25Ormskirk 3rd XVvBye
26West Park (St Helens) 3rd XVvBye
27Liverpool St Helens 3rd XVvBye
28Hawcoat Park 'A' Team (2nd XV)vBye
29Orrell 3rd XVAway WalkoverColne & Nelson 2nd XV
30Moore 2nd XVvBye
31Garstang Blues (2nd XV)vBye
32Clitheroe 2nd XVvBye
Round 2
Saturday, 9 October 2021
Didsbury Toc H 3rd XV1247Stockport 3rd XV
Northwich 3rd XVHome WalkoverWidnes 3rd XV
Congleton 2nd XVHome WalkoverOld Bedians 2nd XV
Macclesfield 4th XV777Bowdon 3rd XV
Bury 2nd XV1940Burnage 3rd XV
Ashton-Under-Lyne 2nd XVHome WalkoverGlossop 3rd XV
Aspull 3rd XV4520Southport 3rd XV
New Brighton 2nd XV1222Ellesmere Port 2nd XV
Fleetwood 3rd XVAway WalkoverBolton 3rd XV
Winnington Park 3rd XVHome WalkoverPreston Grasshoppers 6th XV
Preston Grasshoppers 5th XV1131Vale of Lune 3rd XV
Ormskirk 3rd XV3331West Park (St Helens) 3rd XV
Hawcoat Park 'A' Team (2nd XV)vBye
Garstang Blues (2nd XV)538Clitheroe 2nd XV
Saturday, 16 October 2021
Hope Valley5924Marple 2nd XV
Saturday, 23 October 2021
Colne & Nelson 2nd XV6015Moore 2nd XV
Round 3
Saturday, 6 November 2021
Stockport 3rd XVHome WalkoverNorthwich 3rd XV
Hope ValleyHome WalkoverCongleton 2nd XV
Macclesfield 4th XV1913Burnage 3rd XV
Ashton-Under-Lyne 2nd XV4514Aspull 3rd XV
Ellesmere Port 2nd XV2710Bolton 3rd XV
Winnington Park 3rd XV857Vale of Lune 3rd XV
Ormskirk 3rd XVHome WalkoverHawcoat Park 'A' Team (2nd XV)
Colne & Nelson 2nd XV1512Clitheroe 2nd XV
Round 4
Saturday, 5 February 2022
Ellesmere Port 2nd XV1520Ormskirk 3rd XV
Colne & Nelson 2nd XV012Ashton-Under-Lyne 2nd XV
Saturday, 12 February 2022
Stockport 3rd XV120Hope Valley
Macclesfield 4th XV1339Vale of Lune 3rd XV
Round 5
Saturday, 26 February 2022
Stockport 3rd XV1725Ormskirk 3rd XV
Vale of Lune 3rd XV3018Ashton-Under-Lyne 2nd XV
Round 6
Saturday, 7 May 2022
Ormskirk 3rd XV3831Vale of Lune 3rd XV