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Guidlines if a NOWIRUL Halbro League Fixture is affected by Covid

Clubs should be aware of the procedure that we will adopt if we are made aware of a positive Covid and other team players having to self-isolate.

  1. Clubs MUST always follow Government and RFU Guidelines. 
  2. Clubs should inform their League Secretary, then their opponents and then the referee as soon as they become aware of this problem.
  3. Clubs should always try to fulfil the fixture of its highest teams and decide on which games need to be postponed. We are aware that this is not always possible.
  4. Covid postponed games will not go down as a concede.
  5. Covid postponed games will not be rearranged, and the result will be decided by Pools Panel. We will need ample time to gain information about form so Pools Panel’s decisions will be made after a period has elapsed, (Probably 1st November will be first decisions).
  6. It is hoped that non affected players are not used to load lower teams.