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UPDATE. All Leagues and fixtures are now available directly on the website under "Tables & Results"

We have now managed to produce the set of Fixtures for the 2021-2022 Season. 

There are two Links for you to look at;- 

League Setup 2021-2022 


In the Fixtures you will find many TABS at the bottom of the File. All the 12 Leagues are there and also a file showing the Individual Club Fixtures.

Please look at them carefully. Where there is a Zzfree entry, it means that at present you do not have a fixture on that date. However any postponed games can be placed on those dates.

If you wish to change a date or venue you should contact your opponents to agree and then inform me asap. This should be done through your Club Fixtures Secretary. Please try to do this by the 1st August 2021 so that all changes can be done before the Referee Groups start appointing.

Also if you wish your team to opt out of the Cup Competitions please inform me by the 1st August 2021.

The League Rules are as published on the website. There will not be any adaptive Rules for this season unless things change drastically.

It is hoped that the Games will be Full contact games by September but we will follow the guidance of the RFU.

Please contact me or Fred if you have any problems that we might be able to help with.





PS. In 3 South you will find LINLEY & KIDSGROVE 1 ???????. They have enquired about joining us but as yet have not fully decided. I will inform all when the decision has been made