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Proposals to be discussed at AGM

The following Proposals will be discussed and voted upon at the AGM.


Constitution Part 7e:

One representative from each team taking part in the leagues will be allowed to vote and a decision shall be by a straight majority of those present. No proxy voting shall be permitted.

Proposed Change

Proposal re Div 5 Trial Proposed by JP and FS

 Next season we continue with the following in Div 4 and 5.

1.  Weather Postponed games will not be rearranged. The Pools Panel will be used for all matches postponed due to weather.

2. Requests to postpone (Reasons other than weather) must be agreed by both teams and an agreed date be arranged.

3. Cups matches will be spread within season


Proposed by JP and FS


Proposal 1 proposed JP Seconded FS

The Rules Committee will look closely at the way in which the Rules are set out and will simplify where possible and remove anomalies. This will be done without changing the Rules. Changes from the AGM will be applied.


Proposal 2  proposed JP Seconded FS

Remove Cup Rule 7

This we feel complicates things requiring teams to look at two sets of Rules.

To simplify, all Rules applying to the Cup Competition will now be added to the Cup Rules. Leaving League Rules only applying to the League.

Rules to be added to CUP Rules from League Rules are;-


Rule 13 Senior Team Concedes

Rule 22 Re Appeals

Rule 12  Results

Rule 14 Number of Players

Rule 15 Unable to play


The Cup Rules will be re-ordered by the Rules Committee. However no Rules will be changed unless accepted by voting on proposals at the AGM


Proposal 3  proposed JP Seconded FS

Rule 24: Double Headers Consideration will be given to any proposal sent to the Rules Committee regarding League games in the North West Leagues being used as Double Headers with another League game or Cup games.

Permission to do so must be sought from the Rules Committee and agreed by both sides

Proposal 4  proposed JP Seconded FS


CUP RULE 16 Concedes


b) Any team failing to fulfil a fixture in the semi-final will have 10 points deducted from their League total. If failure to fulfil a fixture in a final the team will have 15 points deducted from their League total at the start of the following season.


Proposal 5  proposed JP Seconded FS


Rule 12: Results Both sides will be responsible for sending in the results. Score must be checked with the referee. These must be supplied to the Secretary of that league by Saturday 6.00pm at the very latest. This should be done by text.


Drop the penalty


Proposal 6  proposed JP Seconded FS


Rule 11  Postponed Games


***** Where Saturdays are no longer available to rearrange postponed games, the leagues Rule Committee will discuss various options to allow the fixtures to be settled. This might involve Double Headers and Pools Panel.


Proposal 7  proposed JP Seconded FS


Change to this only for the CUP Competitions

CUP Rule 19:  Number of Players

In all Cup Competitions each side shall supply a minimum of 12 players for a game to go ahead. There will be no more than ONE man advantage to any team at the start of the game. Failure to supply a minimum of 12 players will result in elimination from the Cup Competition.

Teams must have a full complement of Front Row to start a game.


Proposal 8  proposed JP Seconded FS


Cup RULE 2 Entry To Cup

All clubs who enter North West Leagues are expected to enter the Cups.


Cup RULE 16 Concedes

a) Any team conceding a Cup match will NOT have that game added to the number conceded in the league.



Proposal 9  proposed JP Seconded FS


Rule 5 and others relating to Premier / Championship           League and Conferences


Commencing with season 2020/21 the Premier League and Championship will be reinstated as 14 team Leagues as is the case with all other Leagues.

Promotion and relegation in these Leagues and Division 1 in season 2019/2020 will reflect this.

The 14 will be made up of Conference A (6), Conference B (top 4 ), Conference C (Top 2) and Top 2 in Division 1.

The 6 other teams in the Conferences will be relegated to Division 1.


The Man-off Rule will apply in the Premier League

One bonus point for 4 tries will apply in the Premier League




Proposal 10 Proposed by Barry Allen Seconded by JP

Rule 7, 8, 9:  Points allocation            

I would like to propose that the points

allocation is :-

5 for a win or walkover,

3 for a draw,

1 for playing,

0 for a concede.

1 point for losing within 7 points.


A losing bonus point would give 2 points which is less than the points for a draw (3).


The differences between the points allocations would be the same as RFU points.


Difference between Win and Draw:- NOWIRUL 5 - 3 = 2, RFU 4 - 2 = 2

Difference between Draw and Loss:- NOWIRUL 3 - 1 = 2, RFU 2 - 0 = 2.


Proposal 11 Proposed by Reg Robinson Seconded by Ian Cosens


All Teams playing in the Conference Leagues will carry forward any concedes from the Premiership or Championship


Proposal 12 Proposed by Reg Robinson seconded by JP


In the Premier League where they have Bonus points, the points for a draw should be reduced from 3 to 2.


However see proposal 10


Proposal 13 Proposed by Caldy Seconded by Sedgley Park


Max 20 players in a match day squad in the Premier League


Proposal 14 Proposed by Helen Chinn Tarleton 3rds  Not Seconded


Where a team is expelled in March and April, all results are to remain on record and matches that haven't been played will be decided by the pools panel.