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Ladies and Gentlemen

Subsequent to our AGM yesterday evening and also in receipt of a memo from headquarters outlining possible pods for our 1st XVs to play in, knowing the season is obviously going to be curtailed somewhat, we are looking at setting our Leagues up to at least, once we get the “go”,  provide our sides with some sort of rugby even adapted Rugby if that is decreed by the RFU.

First XVs in our Leagues will not have received the proposals from the RFU outlining the set ups, regarding the proposed CLUSTERS. In fact the Clubs that play in National One and Two, but who have their 2nd XVs etc. playing in the NOWIRUL Leagues, will also not have received the RFU memo.

In addition 1st XVS playing in the ADM set up will also not have received the perceived set ups.

We are planning to mirror the pods with our lower sides , which we can do in a number of cases. The problem occurs when we have sides not included in the RFU proposals, and in these instances things will need to be looked at on an individual needs basis but always looking at travel concerns where this is possible, but always considering the lowest travel times.


For example. Here is one suggested RFU Pod and what we would add to it


CUMBRIA LANCASHIRE                B                                C

BLACKBURN                                 Blackburn 2         Blackburn 3

KENDAL                                       Kendal 2                Fylde 3

KIRKBY LONSDALE                     Kirkby Lons 2       Kirkby Lons 3

PRESTON GRASSHOPPERS          Preston GH 2       Preston GH 3

ROSSENDALE                               Rossendale 2        Rossendale 3

VALE OF LUNE                             Vale of Lune 2     Vale of Lune 3

Clubs/Teams not involved in the RFU scheme will be placed into local Cluster groups of about 6 teams.

Hopefully when the signal is received we will all begin to play some sort of games, and some sort of Rugby with the least of problems.

If we can start on or before February the 10th we can in fact play a League. Playing each other once – Home/Away – venues as selected. We wouldn’t be playing in a promotion/ relegation situation but simply to get some rugby played to complete the season.

After last nights AGM all are aware that we are looking at these difficult issues, particularly our Fixture Secretary John Powell who has spent many hours looking at different possibilities but then having to change his thoughts when another edict appears from headquarters.

At some stage Ladies/Gentlemen we will get some Rugby played !!!!

Fred Swarbrick