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Latest Information from Fred Swarbrick ( Chairman)

Ladies and Gents,

We should have, by now played our first weekend of fixtures. Clearly we are in a unique situation I would think one we have never experienced before. The only similarity I can remember albeit mid-season was the “foot and mouth” disease many years ago. Even in the case of this problem we were able to play local friendlies, not a complete shut down as at the present time.

You’ll all be aware we have moved to stage D in the standards as set by headquarters with E and F to be met before we can start our fixtures.

 It clearly is a most difficult time and whilst there is nothing concrete the word does seem to be that it will be at least November before we might commence playing. We have contingencies in place, through some hard detailed work by our Fixture Secretary John Powell to cover all possibilities once we have the starting gun fired. We’ve got to say if it does move into November, possibly late November then we would expect likely friendlies to be explored with a view to starting the Leagues fully in January. This would allow us to complete the season albeit playing once over the 11 weeks with venues drawn H/A but allowing us to both, play a valid League season – uncomplicated – in many ways but ultimately to be able to complete our Cup Competitions as scheduled.

Thanks Ladies and Gents for your understanding, let’s hope we can get our lads on the field as soon as possible, I’m sure you would all concur with this thought and feeling !!!


Fred S.