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Rule Changes 2018/19 following AGM at Aldwinians - 13th June 2018

The following rule changes were passed at the AGM

1.  RULE 4c  Man Off Rule

In the Premier League Only the MAN OFF RULE WILL NOW APPLY.

Any team causing a game to go to uncontested scrums must carry on with one less player.

2. RULE 13 Senior Side Concede.

Change to a situation whereby a more senior team concedes but a lower team plays.

All teams of that club will still lose all their points accrued that weekend and also an extra 2 points. Their opponents will not be awarded a win.

3.  RULE 9 a  Bonus Points

In All Leagues a Bonus Point will be awarded for teams losing within 7 points.

Because of this any Pools Panel Result will be signified as a 8  -  0  result to avoid this BP situation.

4.  CUP RULE 2 Cup Entry

Cup entry will now be optional. Teams can OPT OUT of the Cup before the 1st Aug by informing the Honorary Fixtures Secretary, John Powell by email.

5. CUP RULE 16 Cup Concedes

Cup Concedes will not be added to Concedes Total in League.

6.  RULE 11  Rearrangements

Trial for season 2018/2019 In Division 5’s only

Weather Postponed games will not be rearranged. The Pools Panel will be used for all matches postponed due to weather.

Requests to postpone (Reasons other than weather) must be agreed by both teams and an agreed date be arranged.

League matches will be played up to the end of March and then followed by the Cup (Plate) Competition culminating on the Cup Final date.

These changes have now been applied to the Rules shown on the website

Paul Whiston - Honorary Secretary.
North West Intermediate Rugby Union Leagues

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